The Photographer

My life as photographer started back in the seventies when I was a student economics at the University of Amsterdam. I joined a student photographers club with their own darkroom. In this way I learned a lot about the making, developing and printing of black & white pictures. My camera was a splendid Olympus OM1 with two lenses, a 35-70 mm and a 135 mm tele. Three times I took a year off to travel. During these travels I used to photograph a lot, both in B&W and in colour slides. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to translate these pictures into our digital age.

After my study I was too busy with work and family to continue photographing. It was not till 2004 that I was able to take a sabbatical leave. During this sabbatical I refound my hobby. I am especially enthusiastic about one specific aspect of digital photography. To get direct feedback on what you are doing, without the need to wait for days and work in the darkroom, is simply amazing. I used a small point and shoot digital camera to start with, but soon I decided to buy a digital SLR camera. I am now working with a Nikon DSLR, an Olympus 4/3 system camera and a Sony 1 inch compact camera.

I took up a course for advanced photographers at Fotogram, the largest institute for photo courses in the Netherlands. After two years of studying, Fotogram offered no challenging course anymore. Through my job as a business consultant I learned the principle of self steering groups. So in 2007 I initiated a new course for advanced amateur photographers based on the principles of a self steering group. Ten people joined this group. It worked out very well, but after three years it was decided that everybody has to go his own way. After so much time together you need new impulses and fresh faces.

My favourite topics you will find in the galleries. I used to like travel photography. Nowadays my favourites are city life, architecture & art and pictures where is something left to guess. Pictures that will give you the sensation of wonder or alienation.